Chiang Mai Photo Workshops

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We offer a range of photography workshops from a few hours to 5 days, suitable for all experience levels.

Learn Photography with our Professional Team

Are you looking for things to do in Chiang Mai? Do you want to learn how to get the most from your camera and really enjoy photography? Or just find some of the best locations in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand to shoot photos? All of our photography workshops are designed for amateur photographers of all levels interested in improving their skills and provide the best opportunities for creating stunning travel photos. We run our workshops with between 1 and 4 participants in northern Thailand and beyond.

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1 Day Chiang Mai

Rich Learning Environments Full Of Diverse Photo Opportunities Chiang Mai is alive with photography opportunities. On our one day workshop you will experience cultural richness in diverse...

1 Day Mae Sa Valley

Hill Tribes, Orchids and Elephants Photo Opportunities On this one day workshop we travel a short distance north of the city to the Mae Sa valley to experience a variety of visually stimulating...

Chiang Mai At Night

From Dusk Until After Dark Night photography is fun! Challenging, sure, but fabulous fun because you can capture photographs at night your eyes will never see naturally. Ghosted images, long...

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5 Day Workshops

Chiang Mai 1 Day Workshop Video

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We will guide you in making memorable and compelling magazine quality images, teaching you skills to build your portfolio, create photos you can sell to publications or as stock images and document your travel experiences, as you never have done before.

We started Chiang Mai Photo Workshops here in Thailand because we see so many people who are obviously not confident using their cameras and we wonder if they are satisfied with many of the images they are making.

We run photo workshops to teach and encourage you to know your camera. Modern cameras are full of incredible technology with many automatic settings that are great for making snapshots. But you can do better than that. You can learn to use your camera to create images with feeling, that tell a story and really communicate your travel experience when you share them with your family and friends.

Chiang Mai is a culturally rich and visually diverse city in northern Thailand full of opportunities to create memorable images. We have designed our photo workshops to give you a genuine experience of the city (and surrounds,) while looking to avoid most of the very touristic locations. Signing up for one of our workshops will give you the opportunity learn with our team and take the mystery out of your camera, providing you a greater freedom to enjoy the art of photography.

Please take some time to read about the workshops we offer and make a booking. During our travel photo workshops you will have opportunities to extend your photography skills and experience Chiang Mai in ways that most tourists rarely do!

Kevin has over 30 years experience as a professional photographer and loves to share his knowledge and experience with people who want to be better photographers – people who want to learn more about their cameras and more about the art of photography. Along with her technical skill, Pu has a gifting for putting real feeling into her photos and loves to share with others how she does this.

Photo Workshops Online

by Kevin+Pansa

Whether you can take part in Chiang Mai Photo Workhsops or not we can still offer you the opportunity to study with us online – any time! Please click here for details of our courses.





More Workshop Options

Siam Traditional

Shoot Like A Professional During this special photography workshop you will experience shooting photographs like a professional – and get the same results a pro photographer would. Every...

Custom Designed

Flexible Workshops Designed Just For You Our professional team have a broad knowledge and experience of Chiang Mai and northern Thailand. We are happy to offer custom designed photography...

Chiang Mai Markets

Culture Rich Local Markets Chiang Mai is full of photography opportunities amongst it’s rich culture and history, much of which can be seen in a few fabulous locations near the banks of the...

2 Day Karen Village

Experience Hill Tribe Lifestyle (Please note – this workshop is only available during the rice growing season during July to November and booking is dependent on availability of...

Testimonial From Our Customers

Aurthur from Australia enjoyed his day with us (and wants to come back for more!)

I had a fantastic day with Kevin and Pu the day workshop went so fast it started at a rural temple which was mind blowing what a well preserved site then on to the hill tribes who were very friendly and not afraid to have there photo taken Kevin and Pu have a great relationship with them, then it was on to lunch which was amazing at a lovely little restaurant lastly we went to the Sai Nam Phung Orchid farm this was were Pu was able to pass on her skills to me in photographing orchids they were absolutely beautiful then my day came to an end. Could I pick any one highlight no the were all great Kevin and Pu have a good understanding in photography which I have learned some new and better skills to take away with and put into practice lastly if you are looking for a photography workshop when in Chiang Mai don’t look past this one you will certainly love it. Thank you again guy’s see you next trip.
Arthur, Australia

Extra Services We Offer

Guide and Driver

For General or Photography Oriented Tours Our good friend, Kik, is a licensed tour guide and very safe driver. She is available to take you sightseeing in her private car, on days when you are...

CM Photo Memories

Do you want to remember your special vacation in Chiang Mai with more than just selfies? We’d like to present to you Chiang Mai Photo Memories as the best souvenir you will take home....

More Testimonials!

Tim enjoyed a special workshop in the Karen village …

Kevin and I got in touch about 2 weeks before the tour and he was very responsive. The price for the work shop is pricy but so worth it!
He is a passionate photographer who likes to pass on his knowledge. We talked about technical photography as well as personal experiences. Both fields are very useful for my photography. Even though I would say I understand my camera pretty well (shooting in aperture mode as well is in manual mode), this work shop experience was fantastic. Anyone will get along with Kevin since he is open, relaxed and patient. The perfect teacher!
We visited this “Karen” family and stayed at their place. It felt like visiting family which made it even more enjoyable as it was not 48 hours non-stop photography.
It was not touristy at all to be in the little village. The overnight stay with the dinner and breakfast felt like one of the greatest experiences you could have on your trip…on top of the work shop. The experience you get from this visit is so unique for tourists as this is totally off the beaten track while Kevin and his wife make sure that you will always feel taken care of. It was amazing and I want to thank those 2 very much for the amazing 2 days!!!

Tim, Switzerland

Richard shared his review on Trip Advisor …

I did two workshops with Kevin and Pansa, covering Chiang Mai Markets and Mae Sa Valley. As a result of the workshops, I’m happy to say I’m no longer reliant on aperture priority and I now shoot on Manual Mode! Thank you Kevin and Pansa for your combined teaching on the technical and creative aspects of getting great photos. I enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it to any photographer travelling to Chiang Mai. I appreciate the ongoing support post tour. Keep up the great work guys, and thank you!!