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    2 Day Karen Village

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    Chiang Mai Markets

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    Custom Designed

    Flexible Workshops Designed Just For You Our professional team have a broad knowledge and experience of Chiang Mai and northern Thailand. We are...

    Siam Traditional

    Shoot Like A Professional During this special photography workshop you will experience shooting photographs like a professional – and get...

    Chiang Mai Photography Tours workshop cutomer shooting with a mirror-less camera.

    We offer a number of photography workshops in Chiang Mai and the surrounding regions with no more than four students per workshop so we can teach you at your level of experience.


    Having a limited number of people per workshop participants are assured of a quality learning experience.

    We will discuss basic and intermediate camera techniques and creative photography skills that will build a foundation and guide you to finding and shaping your personal artistic voice. Topics such as lighting, composition, recognizing and capturing images from unique angles, focusing in on the details, Man with a hat and two elephantsexperimenting with depth of field, telling a story with your images and many more, will be discussed and incorporated into the day.

    Developing themes and learning to tell a story through your images are other topics which will be covered. You will be encouraged to open your eyes and see your surroundings differently and build series of images that create an essay and convey the emotion of your experience. It might be a particular market vendor who really warms to you photographing them and allows you to interact and shoot a documentation of their environment. Maybe you’ll feel a special serenity in a garden or temple grounds and capture the visual essence that you’ll be reminded of for years to come whenever you review the photographs. Perhaps you’ll find fascination in hands, hats or door handles that you can create a theme and convey imagination with.

    We will share with you insights into Thai culture and tips on how to interact with people you want to photograph. Being sensitive and caring about people, learning to smile a little and non verbally communicate that you’d like to take someone’s picture can lead to some stunning shots and fun interactions.Chiang Mai Photography Tours workshop tutor Kevin Landwer-Johan holding a Nikon camera


    Getting into a whole lot of detail about individual cameras is too complicated a task on a short northern Thailand photo tour, but we’ll certainly look to help you if you are really stuck with something! We’ll talk some about file formats (RAW vs jpg), white balance, shutter speed and aperture, lens focal length and choices surrounding these things – but again, due to limited time and the scope of these subjects it is not possible to go into great detail. You might even be encouraged to set your camera on auto for some of the time so you don’t get tied up in equipment function and miss once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities.

    For Custom Designed tours and private tours we generally have the scope and time to teach in more depth and can cover these aspects of photography.

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