Chiang Mai Photo Workshops

enjoying photo memories

John had this to say …
Amazing workshop !

This is a superb workshop , it gave us a unique insight into Chiang Mai while at the same time teaching us how to use our camera. If you want to learn to use those features on your camera you’ve avoided then this is the workshop for you.
Kevin is a vastly experienced photographer with a real gift for teaching , he quickly finds out what level you and your equipment is at and builds the teaching from there.

I will return and perhaps take the 5 day workshop.

Wonderful day and what a way to see Chiang Mai

Ken had this to say about her experience …

I booked the Chiang Mai Market and Chiang Mai at night workshops. I had limited photography experience and looked forward to improving my skills. Kevin is a great photographer and a wonderful teacher/coach. He had me using the manual mode with in minutes. He really helped feel more confident using my camera. Kevin and Pansa provided a wonderful experience. The locations were awesome, very colorful, and probably not too well know to Chiang Mai visitors. Kevin is very patient, full of local knowledge and has a great sense of humor. I am sure he can help any level of photographer. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in photography. You will see improvement in your photography skills and a side of Chiang Mai many visitors overlook.

Robyn had this to say about her experience …
I signed up for this tour because I was feeling frustrated with my camera and wanted to learn how to use the manual mode in order to have more control of images I capture in my travels. This morning tour was just thing to do that! Kevin and Pu had a wonderful morning planned with tours a few different markets and less-visited spots in Chiang Mai. Before the tour, I started one of Kevin’s Udemy photo course, which goes nicely with a tour for a beginner. Kevin gave clear directions on how to work with my camera and by the end of the morning I was surprised that I hadn’t felt the need to switch to my auto mode once. Both Kevin and Pu have nice connections to people in the markets and I could see this through their interactions. I was the only person on this tour, which meant I got a lot of personal instruction on light, using my camera and then about composition. This tour ended up being equally about seeing a different place in the city as about feeling confident in using my camera. I’d highly recommend this tour for any level of photographer. I can hardly wait to head out and use what I’ve learned to capture more of the amazing things I have seen in Thailand and beyond.

Robyn, USA.

Inoka tells us she had “A picture perfect day”

I did a one day photography tour with Kevin and Pu on the 22nd of December 2014.

It was absolute pleasure seeing Chiang Mai from a different angle and perspective. Not only did I experience lifestyle, smells, colours, art, history and culture of this beautiful place, I also got some very good tips on improving my photography skills. Thanks to persistent Pu, I have finally started exploring Manual settings!.

The good thing about their photo tours is that you get to know your camera better. They also teach you how to “see” things differently, which means you do better compositions. This worked well for me, specially since I don’t get to play around with my camera as much as I would like to.

Both Kevin and Pu are wonderful people. They are extremely talented photographers and very patient teachers.

I hope to be back some day to explore another part of Chiang Mai with them.

Thank you for an incredible day and good luck in all you do 🙂

My photographs of the day can be found here

I didn’t have the heart to reduce the number of photographs any further.

Inoka, Colombo, Sri Lanka


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Jenni loved her time with us …

“Great day with Kevin and Pu, both are relaxed and warm so you immediately feel relaxed and nothing is too much trouble, Kevins knowledge, patience and passion for photography is extensive and he is happy to patiently share and encourages you to push yourself, i enjoyed the local craftspeople and kevin and pu’s relationship with them was thoroughly enjoyable, take the opportunity to take any questions re your equipment and use equipment you might not be so familiar with you will be more so by the end of the day, delightful people to spend the day with and Kevin is a natural and thoughtful teacher and his wife Pu gently and warmly encouraging.”

Jenni, Melbourne, Australia

Dirk had this to say about his experience …

That was for me the 3rd kind of such a photo tour in a foreign country, after Saigon and Istanbul, I really enjoyed the tour in Chiang Mai!
Kevin and Pu are working very professionally and during the day, we visit some quite interesting places.
The tour gets me really in “shooting mood” and it was a good start in this vacation.
On my next time here, you can be sure, that I will join you one more time!
I hope to see you guys soon again!

Dirk, Germany

Caroline had a great day!

As a keen amateur photographer with a day to kill in Chiang Mai I met up with Kevin and Pu and had an excellent day. They took me to parts of Chiang Mai I would never have found and had a fabulous day. The day ran like clock-work and included a delicious lunch.Thanks to their wonderful expertise and knowledge my photography skills have improved immensely and sharing their imagination and creativity means I now have amazing photos to remember my day in Chiang Mai.
Truly an excellent experience.

Caroline, Scotland