Ten Top Tips – How To Be More Creative With Your Camera

Creating a video teaching course about photography was not some thing I had ever considered until a friend introduced me to the idea a few months back. After getting my first book to proof reading stage I had time to look into what goes in to producing a video course. Udemy.com seemed the best place to start as it is the biggest online learning platform, now with over 7 million enrolled students.

As I opened an account early in June I saw a promotion on the site for a Summer Camp Challenge – to create your first video teaching course in 30 days. My initial reaction was “I’m too busy to accomplish that!” However, after giving it a little thought and anticipating the marketing benefits and other help I would received if I did it well, I decided to jump right in. I was rewarded not only be one of 12 Udemy Summer Camp Champions (out of nearly 400 who took part) but with a great experience doing something new.

Udemy is extremely well set up and helped me through the whole process. Having experience already with recording video this was not such a challenge, but the planning and preparation for a teaching course of this kind was new to me. Naturally Udemy wants course creators to produce high quality teaching and they have channeled a lot of effort into making this as easy as possible for new comers. The website includes great tools to aid in planning courses, Udemy staff and community feedback tutorials for every step of the way. There’s even a great free Udemy course they have created to teach the whole process. Without these tools I am sure I would never have completed the task in time.

My original plan was to produce a longer, more comprehensive course, but I chose instead to work on something more manageable. My course is designed as an introductory series of tips I have come up with from over 30 years of photography experience. It’s short, to the point and encouraging for people who want to be more creative with their cameras. Teaching some foundational concepts about camera use that will act as a spring board to a more enjoyable photographic experience.

Now we are in the planning stages for a series of more in depth courses that will follow, digging deeper into many aspects of photography I have learned to love over the years. Many of the other photography courses on Udemy appear to have been quickly produced by people who are more professional at producing teaching videos than they are at photography, so I am hoping my my many years of practical experience will be attractive to students. Naturally I will produce courses with a high production and teaching standard to give my students the best experience I can.

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DSLR camera back showing image on monitor.

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