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Siam Traditional

Three images of a woman wearing traditional Thai clothing during a photo workshop.

Three versions of the same image – each rendered differently in post processing.

As Chiang Mai Photography Tours grows we’re always looking to add new options and develop more variety in the photography workshops we offer, often based on feedback we receive form customers.

Recently we added Siam Traditional as a new workshop option … with a difference.

This new photography workshop is a considerably alternative style from the other workshops. Our main focus up until now has been to provide teaching for people who want to learn more about how to operate their camera. Out Siam Traditional workshop is geared more towards having a terrific experience and shooting stunning professional level photographs.

Working with models, makeup and traditional Thai costumes is not something most photographers get to experience, but it is exactly what we are now offering to visitors and Chiang Mai locals alike.

During our Siam Traditional workshop you will be photographing a beautiful, professionally made up model dressed in an exquisite traditional Thai costume. We will set up each shot, choosing the best backgrounds and directing the model to pose in the most attractive manner. Out team will be on hand with lights and reflectors to ensure each shot is beautifully lit and Kevin will be teaching different techniques during the afternoon shoot.

We are also planning to add another Masterclass workshop incorporating a number of model shoots, cultural events and experiences and the general atmosphere that makes Chiang Mai so special. This will be an annual, multi day, all inclusive workshop

Please Click Here to take a look at the gallery of Siam Traditional photos.

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