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Shooting Mirror-less on Manual Mode

Recently a Chiang Mai Photography Tours workshop customer asked me to teach her to use her mirror-less camera on Manual Mode. She loved the camera and had used it well, but felt that she was not tapping into the camera’s potential or finding nearly enough of her own creative expression using only the auto settings.

Frequently I find people who book our workshops have high quality equipment and only use it on automatic settings. I love to teach people to overcome whatever it is holding them back from shooting on Manual Mode and unlock their creative potential.

Starting early in the morning the light was lovely and the day was not yet so hot. I spent considerable time going through the camera’s menu with our customer and showing her how to set the ISO to manual and how to adjust the shutter speed and aperture manually. We also changed the focus mode from multi point to single point, because this allows greater control. Within the first five minutes of our discussion she told me what she had learned already was worth the cost of the workshop.

As we continued on into the fresh market we looked a lot at lighting and contrast as I taught about correct exposure and understanding how the camera’s light meter works. I explained techniques to use to easily obtain a good exposure and how to set the camera’s controls correctly. It all seemed to be sinking in!

Finishing up the workshop, after guiding our customer through various lighting situations and a multitude of different subjects, she told us her workshop experience had been very rewarding. A few days later she left us a wonderful review on Trip Advisor.

“I cannot say enough good about Kevin. There are a lot of amazing photographers in this world, but not many are truly exceptional teachers. Kevin truly know how to put the art of photography and the technical aspects of the camera into the right light for each one of his students. He certainly did so for me. I’ve been traveling for 9 years now and have been a self taught mature photographer for a good majority of that time. I was looking to step my craft up a few notches but just couldn’t seem to get past a certain level… I knew I was grasping all that my camera could do, and the frustration of not being able to capture a shot just the way I wanted it was beginning to kill my creativity. Then, along came Kevin. He was the key to unlocking the magic! Answered so many questions and inspired so many more, then gave me the answers with hands on experience. Not to mention, he knows the streets of Chiang Mai like a native and will you to places you would have ever found on your own. What he charges for the day is so exceptional reasonable, especially as the knowledge you will walk away with is priceless. I’ve moved onto Laos since then and I truly cannot believe the differences in my photos… I’m inspired all over again. Thank you Kevin!!! “

Chiang Mai Photography Tours workshop cutomer shooting with a mirror-less camera.

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