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We are living in a time when photography is most prolific. Who knows how many millions of photographs are made each day? Modern photography is normally seen on a computer screen, tablet or phone – rarely now do people print their photographs like we used to. Sad thing is that it’s defiantly cheaper than it used to be and the quality (from a good printer) is superb.

Printing your photos and having them displayed in your home or office – or giving them to family or friends, is a great way of preserving memories and nurturing friendships. People love to see the photos on your walls or flip through an album of prints on your coffee table. I recently sat down with a friend to look at an old photo album and we enjoyed the experience together immensely – far more than if we’d been looking at the same images on a computer monitor I believe.

Print some BIG! Having larger images printed and framed is a great feeling. Make a habit of choosing your best shots (those ‘feel good’ ones) and adding them to a folder on your thumb drive. After you’ve got 10 or so then choose a couple you like the most to get printed and displayed on a wall somewhere – at home, at the office or shop or even in an art gallery! Uploading them to facebook or Tumblr is not enough as they get buried in the myriads of digital information that flows though those sites.

Getting prints made is something you should make a priority after a trip abroad – don’t leave it too long after arriving home either so as to keep the memories of another great trip alive longer.

Becoming a partner in a gallery has certainly inspired me to be printing more of my photographs and encouraging others to do so too. If you are in northern Thailand take a look at the invitation we’ve posted asking for submissions to our April exhibition HERE.











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