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Asian woman taking a photo and Photo Workshops Online logoI am loving teaching what I love to do! I’ve also become a better photographer myself since I started teaching. Earning a living doing something I love and am passionate about is something I value greatly because it is rare!

This past year, as we are growing our Chiang Mai Photo Workshops business I have also been very busy building my first comprehensive online photography course. This has held many challenges, even though I have experience teaching and producing video, developing this course has been a challenging learning curve. But, it’s done! It’s online and already receiving good reviews and feedback.

Whenever I start something new, something I’ve never done before, I research and research some more, so that I can be sure my efforts will be worth while. I discovered that while online teaching is relatively a new thing, there was already lots of photography courses available. So I aimed to raise the bar and make mine better … that’s why it took me so long!

Teaching real time with a camera in hand and a real person listening and interacting with me as I teach is in many ways easier, (and certainly more fun,) than producing a video course. Many courses I have viewed I found to be long winded and thin on helpful info. Often the production quality was low too.

I set out to be concise. Time is valuable and we are all busy, so I don’t want to waste any body’s time padding my teaching out with poorly planned lessons and redundant information. My teaching style is to be brief and to the point so students who get it the first time can move on and those who don’t quite grasp the lesson can easily repeat it to pick up what they missed.

There’s also carefully designed assignments with each of the lessons. I searched for examples online to glean ideas from, but didn’t really find what I was looking for. There’s published assignments out the, but not many that have much of a teaching element included and that’s what I knew would be valuable to students. I know it’s always good to practice what you are leaning as this helps immensely with the learning process. I don’t seek to explain everything in minute details, I’d rather teach just enough for my students to want to pick up their cameras and practice so they can discover more and learn their own style of shooting photos.

My aim was to create a course of high production quality. So many online teaching courses and youtube channels I have seen have poor quality production standards. The information they contain is often interesting and valuable, but the video and sound quality leaves a lot to be desired. Audio has always been a challenge for me, (being a photographer I never had to be concerned with audio,) and recording inside a Thai house involves all manner of difficulty. Using photos, graphics and a number of animated sequences I have sought to add quality and clarity to illustrate my teaching.

You can sign up and get a link for the course, (including a discount coupon,) on Photo-Workshops-Online website

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