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I am writing my first book about photography. Sharing what I know, teaching from my experience. I intend to write a series of short, easy to follow books teaching about being creative with your camera and stepping beyond the camera’s auto setting. I thought I would share a section of it here …

For me photography has always been a wonderful means of creative expression. To some people however, photography seems like an artless art – pick up a camera, point, shoot and it’s all over in a fraction of a second. Certainly the rapid development of image recording technology in recent years is allowing manufacturers to mass produce affordable cameras (and phones) that are extremely capable of making stunning photos, at the press of a button. For many of us this has changed the way we communicate. Now it’s so simple to take photos to record events, capture significant moments in our day or snap another selfie. Sharing these photos easily through a multitude of social media applications makes us all internationally known photographers! But it does not necessarily mean that we are photographically creative.

I love to teach and encourage people to get beyond relying on the point and shoot technology of their cameras (or phones) and become more creative in their photography. This has been one of the main motivations for me to start teaching and writing.

So often I see people with expensive cameras who are obviously not confident using them and I wonder if they are satisfied with many of the photographs they take. Most people we conduct our workshops with are eager to learn, eager to move away from the automated settings their cameras offer. I have written this book as an introduction and encouragement for anyone who wants to take creative control of their camera.

My new book will give you a better understanding of your camera (or phone!) It will enable you to have far more creative freedom than if you are only using your camera’s auto settings. My first camera, a Nikkormat FTN had no auto settings at all. It only had a simple light meter. In the viewfinder was a small needle with a + above it and a – below, when the needle was midway between these symbols I knew my exposure was correct. I had to set the controls to ensure the photograph would come out right.

Technology has come a long way and I hope my book will encourage and teach you to use the information about light, exposure, focus, file types, white balance etc that your camera provides you with. Taking the time to learn to control your camera manually will open up a whole new world of creative experience for you.

I’ll have news in the coming weeks of where my book will be available for download – – stay tuned!
Asian woman taking a photo during a CHiang Mai Photography Tour workshop

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