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Magic of Elephant Trail

We are looking to expand the workshop tours we offer and diversify the range of experiences and photographic learning opportunities we offer. Recently we have made friends with the team at the Magic of Elephant Trail a the Chiang Mai Night Safari. We were given the opportunity to visit their community with some friends and immensely enjoyed the experience.

The experience gave me a feeling that Jay and her team have a real passion for the elephants and a desire to share the magic of being so intimate with these wonderful creatures. The laid back, relaxed atmosphere provided a beautiful environment for both elephants and humans to enjoy each other’s company.

Som highlights included watching the elephants bathe, observing a painting lesson and walking with the elephants in the jungle. Throughout the day Jay shared her knowledge and experience about the elephants teaching us a great deal with many facts and fascinations.

The Magic of Elephant Trail ‘s philosophy of letting the elephants have freedom to roam, scratch, bathe, eat etc. as they feel like gave us a very real natural sense of how the elephants live. We are lucky to live in Chiang Mai and I am sure we will return many times to this magical place and aim to be offering CM Photography Tour workshops there.

Thank you very much again K. Jay to you and your team and your beautiful elephants.

Woman kissing the trunk of an elephant

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