Chiang Mai Photo Workshops
    • What is the maxium number of people per workshop?

      We run the workshops with a maximum of 4 people so everyone receives enough personal attention and we can teach you at whatever level you are at.
    • What Type of Camera Do I Need?

      A DSLR or good quality compact camera that allows manual control is recommended. But bring the camera you have - our workshops are more about photography than cameras!
    • Do I Need To Bring My Own Camera?

      Yes! Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with equipment.
    • What will we eat?

      We have carefully chosen restaurants that serve authentic Thai food ... and also offer dishes which are not spicy. No meals are included with our short workshops.
    • Do you provide Air-Conditioned transport?

      Yes. The vans we use are all air conditioned. They are also equipped with TVs that we use to show our informational videos.
    • What's the weather like in Chiang Mai?

      Northern Thailand has three season - cool/dry (November - February,) hot/dry (March - May) and rainy (May - October). Occasionally it rains between November and May, but not often. During the rainy season there will be heavy afternoon rain in Chiang Mai. In the mountain areas the rains are more unpredictable.
    • What if it Rains?

      When the rain comes it typically last only an hour or two. In a situation we are caught in the rain we will make alternative plans or maybe just wait it out. The great thing about the rain is that once it stops everything is wet and clean and the light can be absolutely exquisite!
    • What Language?

      Kevin teaches the workshops in English (with a New Zealand accent :) )
    • Do you return calls to international telephone numbers?

      No, we have a policy not to return calls to international numbers due to the unpredictability of charges.
    • Can I bring a partner or friend who is not a photographer?

      Please inquire with us about this. If we have room on a workshop non=photographers are welcome at a discounted price)
    • Do you provide insurance?

      No. Chiang Mai Photo Workshops does not provide insurance, this is the responsibility of the workshop participants. We will require each participant to sign a standard liability release form.