Chiang Mai Photo Workshops

Chiang Mai One Day Workshop Experience February 2015

Teaching photography to our Chiang Mai Photography Tours customers is so stimulating for me. I love to see people grow in understanding as they learn more about their cameras and the whole process of taking photos. I was motivated to start running our workshops because I so often see people with high quality, high priced DSLR cameras and can tell they are not very confident using them.

Demonstrating how a camera reads light and how to set the exposure manually, no matter if a customer has a professional level DSLR or a point and shoot, is one of the most important things I can do when I am teaching. Giving someone a more in depth understanding of how this works brings to them a freedom to be wonderfully more creative in their image making.

Recently we taught a workshop with an older gentleman who had a small Nikon DSLR he had owned for a number of years. He came determined to get a grasp of the M setting. I am always happy to teach this! By the end of the day we had worked together to show him how to understand about light ratios and how his camera light meter reads light. He was able to learn how ISO, shutter speed and aperture setting all affect the exposure. He was in control of his camera and more free to be creative with it.

Sure, it is a lot to learn during a one day workshop. We encouraged him to take his camera out frequently, to practice what he had learned and become more familiar with the manual method of making photographs.

I love to see how our customer’s photographs improve as the day progresses and how much more satisfied they are at the end of our workshops.Two men taking photos

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