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Camera magazine coverBecoming inspired is a choice, something that you can proactively stimulate. Ever since I bought my first camera I have sought to be more inspired – by other photographers, books, gallery shows, movies, magazines and what ever other means I can find.

I remember a magazine series I subscribed to – You and Your Camera. It was a weekly publication that I would pick up from the bookstore. It was my teacher and also my muse. Providing me with inspiration to make better photographs.

Over the years as my skill level grew and my shooting style developed, I found it increasingly difficult to find magazines that provided consistently good articles to motivate and provoke me to be a better photographer. Then I discovered American Photo Magazine. I would read and re-read some articles as they were creatively and intelligently written and would encourage me to stretch beyond my current way of shooting. Now they are no longer a printed publication, however, their website is fantastic.

LensCulture is another website I have recently discovered that provides creative stimulation. Similar to American Photo, in that they do not focus so much on equipment or how to use it, but more about the full creative process of photography. On their website they say “LensCulture has become one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography. “ Publishing a broad range of articles and photo essays from photographers across the planet the site certainly provides encouragement to keep developing creative vision.

Becoming inspired takes some commitment, not just to read articles or browse photo books or view gallery shows, but to pick up your camera frequently enough that you develop a creative work flow. Putting into practice what we learn is as vital as expressing that which inspires us.

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